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Program Schedule and Duration

Starting with the program will allow you to earn only through commissions and delivery of every sale can bring rewards of up to 25%. The best part is you can start anytime and from any part of the globe as the same requires zero investment. Do know about the capping of payout, which we have kept 200$, once you reach the figure do opt for the payout. Also, you can choose a date once a month for the payout due for the previous month. Due to our 30-Days Money back policy, we keep 45 days payment on hold.


How can you earn a decent income from affiliate program?

On joining our affiliate program, we will source a range of textual links and banners to place on your website. If the user landing on your site clicks on the banner, he will be directed to our website and our affiliate software will track their activity. We will send you the commissions as earned by you.